3 spécificités de la peau noire à connaître pour choisir des soins adaptés

3 specificities of black skin to know to choose suitable skincare

Finding products suitable for black skin can be difficult. You often have to try several products from different brands and spend a lot of money before finding the right product.

The good news is that it is possible to avoid all this hassle.

Do you know that black skin has certain specificities that are important to know before you start looking for suitable products?

Knowing these specifics will help you feel more confident when shopping for skincare. You can challenge the salesperson/advisor rather than accepting everything she tells you.

Here are 3 specificities of black skin that you absolutely must know, in order to ensure that the treatments you spend your money on really meet the specific needs of your skin.

After reading this article, you will understand why some products you have used so far do not work. And above all, you will know how to choose products suited to your skin.

Black skin is dry and dehydrated on the body

Black/mixed skin is adapted to a hot and humid tropical climate. It is in this environment that she is beautiful and bright. Ambient humidity helps slow down dehydration and keeps the skin supple and soft.

In a temperate, drier climate like that of Canada, black/dark/mixed skin has more difficulty retaining hydration and tends to dry out. This explains why fall and winter are particularly difficult seasons for your skin. You apply cream to your body in the morning, but when you come back in the evening, your skin is as dry as crocodile skin.

The reason is that black skin naturally lacks ceramides. Ceramides are lipids that act as a protective cement and allow the skin to retain hydration.

dry black skin

For a body lotion to be effective on black skin, it must contain not only moisturizing ingredients, but also ingredients to retain this hydration. Ingredients that help retain hydration include ceramides, vegetable butters and vegetable oils.

Our recommendation for body milk for black skin

INOYA Body Milk hydrates the skin 24 hours, even in winter. In addition, it helps unify the skin. It contains moisturizing and nourishing ingredients:

  • plant ceramides
  • natural hyaluronic acid
  • Shea Butter
  • Sesame oil
  • wheat germ oil
  • glycerin, etc.

No more uncomfortable, dry skin.

Inoya body milk

Black skin is more prone to hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation spots are the main beauty concern for black, dark or mixed-race women.

Here's a very important thing you need to know.

Whether we have black or white skin, we all have 2 types of melanin:

  • The light pigment called pheomelanin
  • The brown pigment called eumelanin

The difference lies in the proportion of each pigment. Black-skinned people mostly have brown pigment, while white-skinned people mostly have light pigment.

And this is where it gets interesting...

The brown pigment, unlike the light pigment, tends to "get carried away" too much: the slightest aggression (irritation, acne pimples , aggressive products, injury, insect bite, etc.) causes an overproduction of the brown pigment, what causes these famous black spots that we hate so much!

For an anti-dark spot serum to work on black/dark/mixed skin, it must mainly target the brown pigment, since it is the majority in these people.

Most general brand serums are made for white skin, so they mainly target light pigment. This is why their effectiveness on black skin is limited.

In some cases, we observe what we call rebound hyperpigmentation: you think you have finally overcome your black spots, but a few weeks later, they reappear...

black spots black skin

Our recommendation for an effective anti-dark spot serum on black skin

The IN'OYA Anti-Dark Spot Serum stands out from the others in that it has been formulated taking into account the specificities of black, dark or mixed skin. It targets both brown pigment and light pigment and allows you to observe an improvement in spots after 28 days of use.

Additionally, this serum only targets spots, it does not whiten the skin or cause rebound hyperpigmentation.

It contains a patented wheat bran extract which acts remarkably on brown pigment.

Black skin regenerates more slowly

The skin constantly renews its cells. Every day, new cells replace dead cells.

But for this renewal to take place, dead cells must detach from the skin in order to be replaced by new cells. This process is called desquamation.

The peeling process of black skin is on average 2.5 times slower than that of Caucasian skin. It is even slower when we live in temperate climates.

Result: dead cells accumulate on the surface of the skin and make the complexion dull and gray. If left unchecked, these cells can clog pores and cause pimples.

The solution ? Exfoliation! It helps eliminate dead cells, thus encouraging the skin to produce new cells. This is what gives smooth skin, a luminous and radiant complexion.

So you understand, one of the secrets to glowing skin is exfoliation. But beware ! Make sure you choose a gentle treatment so as not to irritate your skin and cause hyperpigmentation.

black skin exfoliation

Our Exfoliator Recommendation for Black Skin

INOYA Exfoliating Cleansing Gel is made with bamboo and jojoba microbeads to respect the sensitivity of black skin. It also contains salicylic acid. It gives a smoother, more radiant complexion after just a few uses.

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